This site web is exploited by Akinaa Shop. On this site, terms "to us", "our" and "our" refer in Akinaa Shop offers this site web, including all information, all tools and all services which are there available for you, the user, subject to your acceptance of all modalities, conditions, politics and opinions enunciated here.

By visiting this site and/or by buying one of our products, you get involved in our "Service" and agree to be linked by following modalities ("General terms of Sale", "General terms of Sale and of Use", "Conditions"), including modalities, conditions and additional politics to which it is referred here and/or accessible by hyperlink. These General terms of Sale and of Use apply to all users of this site, including but not limiting themselves, to users who sail the site, who are sellers, clients, traders, and/or contributors of contents.

Please read attentively these General terms of Sale and of Use before achieving in or using our site web. By achieving in or by using any part of this site, you agree to be linked by these General terms of Sale and of Use. If you do not accept all modalities and all Conditions of this agreement, then you must achieve the site web nor to use the services which are offered there. If these General terms of Sale and of Use are considered to be an offer, acceptance limits itself expressly to these General terms of Sale and of Use.

All new functionality and all new tools which will be later added to this boutique will be also subjected to these General terms of Sale and of Use. You can consult the most recent version of the General terms of Sale and of Use any time on this page. We reserve the right to update, to change or to replace any part of these General terms of Sale and of Use by publishing updates and/or modifications on our site web. It is incumbent to you to consult this page regularly to prove if modifications were added. Your uninterrupted use of the site web or your access to this one after the publication of any modification constitutes an acceptation for your part of these modifications.

Our boutique is accommodated on Shopify Inc. They give us the deck e-trade who allows us to sell you our products and services.


By accepting these General terms of Sale and of Use, you declare that you attained the age of the majority in your country, State or province of residence, and which you gave us your consent to allow to every person of age minor to your load to use this site web.

The use of our products at any allowed or not illegal end is forbidden, and you should not either, as part of the use of Service, violate the laws of your jurisdiction (including but not limiting himself to laws relating to royalties).

You should not transmit poetry, virus or quite other code of destroying nature.

Any offence or violation of the present General terms of Sale and of Use will draw away the immediate termination of your Services.


We reserve the right to refuse any time the access to services every person, and it, for whatever reason it is.

You understand that your contents (with the exception of your information of credit card) could be transferred in a not ciphered way, and it implies transmissions (a) on various networks; and (b) changes to conform and to fit to technical requirements for the connection of networks or apparatus. The information of credit card is always estimated during transmission on networks.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, sell retail or exploit any part of Service or use of Service, or any access to Service or contact on the site web, by means of which Service is given, without prior express written permission of our part.

Titles used in this agreement are included for your convenience, and going neither to limit nor to affect these Conditions.


We are not responsible if the available information on this site is not precise, complete or up to date. The contents of this site are only given for information only and should not constitute your only source of information to make decisions, without consulting in anticipation sources more precise, more complete and updated of information. If you decide to trust the contents introduced on this site, you make it at your own risk.

This site could contain previous some information. This previous information, by nature, is not up to date and is only given for information only. We reserve the right to change the contents of this site any time, but we have no obligation to update information on our site. You accept that it is incumbent to you to watch modifications brought in our site.


The prices of our products can be changed without notice.

We reserve any time the right to change or to interrupt Service (as well as any part or any contents of Service) without notice and at all times.

We will not be responsible towards you or quite other third part of any valuable modification, suspension or break of Service.


Some products or services can be exclusively available online on our site web. These products or services can be available in limited quantities and can only make the object of returns or of exchanges in accordance with our Politics back.

We made of our the best to show as apparently as possible colours and pictures of our products which appear on our boutique. We cannot guarantee that the display of colours by the screen of your computer will be definite.

We reserve the right, without being however obliged to make it, to limit sales of our products or services to every person, and in any geographical region or jurisdiction. We could exercise this right case by case. We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any product or service which we give. All descriptions of products and all prices of products can be changed at all times without any notice precondition, in our only discretion. We reserve the right to give up giving a product any time. Any offer of service or of product introduced on this site is no where law proscription it.

We do not guarantee that the quality of all products, services, information, or quite other goods which you got or bought will answer your waitings, nor which any error in Service will be corrected.


We reserve the right to refuse any order which you place to us. We could, in our only discretion, reduce or cancel quantities bought per capita, by home or by order. These restrictions could include orders passed by or since the same credit account, the same credit card, and/or orders which use the same address of invoicing and/or of expedition. In case we would change an order or if we came to cancel it, we could try to inform you by contacting you in e-mail and/or at address of facturation/au given telephone number at the time when order was placed. We reserve the right to limit or to forbid the orders which, in our only judgement, could seem to come from traders, from stockists or from distributors.

You agree to give information of order and of count up to date, complete and precise for all orders passed on our boutique. You promise to update fast your count and your other information, including your address e-mail, your numbers of credit cards and expiry dates, so that we grow to supplement your transactions and to contact you if necessary.

For more details, please consult our Politics back.


We could give you the access to tools of third parts over which we exercise neither monitoring, nor control, nor influence.

You admit and accept the fact that we give the access to such tools "such which" and "according to availability", without any guarantee, representation or condition of any sort and without any approval. We will have no lawful resulting responsibility of or linked to the use of these facultative tools of third.

If you use the facultative tools given on the site, you make it at your own risk and at your own discretion, and you should consult conditions in which these tools are given by one or several third suppliers concerned.

We could also, in future, give new services and/or new functionality on our site (including new tools and new resources). This new functionality and these new services will be also subjected to these General terms of Sale and of Use.


Some contents, products and available services by means of our Service could include elements coming from third parts.

Links coming from third parts on this site could re-run you to sites web of thirds which are not affiliated to us. We are not required to examine or to assess contents or accuracy of these sites, and we guarantee and take no responsibility as for very containing, site web, product, service or other accessible element on or since these third sites.

We are not responsible for damages or damage linked to the purchase or to the use of property, of services, of resources, of contents, or of quite other transaction performed in touch with these sites web of third. Please read attentively politics and practices of the third parts and make sure to include them well before getting involved in any transaction. Complaints, claims, concerns, or questions concerning the products of these thirds must be subjected to these same thirds.


If, at our request, you subject specific contents (for example, to participate in competitions), or if without request of our part, you send creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans or other elements, that it is online, by e-mail, by post, or in another way (collectively, "comments"), you grant us right, at all times, and without restriction, to edit, to copy, to publish, to distribute, to translate and to use in another way and in any media any comment which you send us. We are not and will not have to be kept (1) to support the confidentiality of comments; (2) to pay a compensation to whoever for any given comment; (3) to answer comments.

We could, but have no obligation to make it, to watch it, to change it or to abolish the contents which we estimate, in our only discretion, to be illegal, offending, menacing, insulting, defamatory, pornographic, indecent or in another way reprehensible, or that infringe any intellectual property or these General terms of Sale and of Use.

You promise to write comments which do not violate the rights of third parts, including royalties, registered trademarks, confidentiality, personality, either other right personnels or of property. You also admit that your comments will not contain illegal, defamatory, offensive or indecent contents, and that they will not contain either computer virus or other malevolent software which could affect anyhow the functioning of Service or quite other site linked web. You cannot use e-mail of wrong address, pretend to be somebody that you are not, or to try to lead to us us and/or the third parts in error as for the origin of your comments. You are entirely representative for all comments that you publish as well as their accuracy. We take no responsibility and decline any commitment as for any comment which you publish or which quite other third part publishes.


The submission of your personal information on our boutique is governed by our Politics of Confidentiality. Click here to consult our Politics of Confidentiality.


It would be possible that there is information sometimes on our site or in Service which could contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions which could be relating to descriptions of products, to prices, to promotions, to offer, at the expense of expedition of products, in delivery time and in availability. We reserve the right to correct any error, inaccuracy, omission, and to change or to update of information or to cancel orders, if any information in Service or on quite other site linked web is inexact, and it, at all times and without notice (including after you place your order).

We are not required to update, to change or to clarify information in Service or on quite other site including, linked web but not limiting themselves to information on prices, unless requested by law. No date defined with update or with actualisation in Service or on quite other site linked web should be taken into account to conclude that information in Service or on quite other site linked web was changed or updated.


Besides bans enunciated in the General terms of Sale and of Use, it is forbidden you to use the site or its contents: (a) for illegal aims; (b) to encourage thirds to accomplish of illegal acts or to take part in it; (c) to infringe any regional prescription or any law, rule or international, federal, provincial or state regulation; (d) to undermine in or to violate our rights of possession intellectual or those of third parts; (e) to harass, to ill-treat, to insult, to hurt, to traduce, to slander, to denigrate, to intimidate or to categorise whoever according to sex, to sexual orientation, to religion, to ethnic origin, to breed, of age, of national origin, or disability; (f) to subject wrong or misleading information; (g) to téléverser either transmit viruses or quite other type of malevolent code which will be or could be used so as to compromise functionality or functioning of Service or of quite other site linked, independent web, or of Internet; (h) to gather or to follow the personal information of other people; (i) for polluposter, hameçonner, to divert a domain, to extort information, to go through, to explore or to sweep the web (or quite other resource); (j) for indecent or indecent aims; either (k) to undermine or to by-pass the safety measures of our Service, of quite other site web, or of Internet. We reserve the right to cancel your use of Service or of any site web related to have infringed prohibited uses.


We guarantee neither nor pretend under no circumstances that your use of our Service will be uninterrupted, quick, is reassured or without error.

We do not guarantee that the results which could be obtained by means of the use of Service will be precise or reliable.

You accept that every so often, we could abolish Service for indeterminate stretches of time or cancel Service any time, without informing you in anticipation.

You admit expressly that your use of Service, or your inability to use this one, is at your only risk. The Service as well as all products and services which are provided to you by means of Service are (except express mention of the opposite of our part) given "such which" and "according to availability" for your use, and it without representation, without guarantees and unconditionally of any sort, express or implicit, including all implicit guarantees of marketing or of commercial quality, of adaptation to a particular usage, of durability, of title and of absence of counterfeiting.

Akinaa Shop, our managers, representatives, employees, affiliated societies, agents, contracting parties, trainees, suppliers, contractors and licensors can be kept under no circumstances responsible for any wound, loss, claim, or direct, indirect, secondary, punitive, special damage, or consecutive damage whatever nature they are, including but not limiting themselves to the loss of benefits, of incomes, of savings, of data, at the costs of replacement or any similar damage, that they are contractual, délictuels (even in case of negligence), of strict responsibility or other one, resulting from your use of any service or product coming from this Service, or as for quite other claim linked anyhow to your use of Service or of any product, including but limiting themselves to any error or omission in any contents, either in any loss or any every possible damage following from the use of Service or from any contents (or produced) published, transmitted, or in another way made available by means of Service, even if you were informed of possibility that they happen. Because some States or some jurisdiction do not allow to exclude or to limit responsibility as for consecutive or secondary damage, our responsibility will be limited in the maximum measure allowed by law.


You agree to indemnify, to defend and to protect Casual straight, our society - mother, our subsidiaries, affiliated societies, partners, representatives, managers, agents, contracting parties, licensors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, trainees and employees, as for any claim or request, including lawyer's reasonable fee, made by any third part because of or following from your violation of these General terms of Sale and of Use or of the documents to which they refer, or of your violation of any law or of the rights of a third.


In case a disposition of the present General terms of Sale and of Use would be considered as being illegal, no or inapplicable, this disposition will nevertheless be able to be applied in the full measure allowed by law, and the not applicable part will have to be considered as being dissociated from these General terms of Sale and from Use, this dissociation will not have to affect validity and applicability of all other remaining dispositions.


Obligations and responsibilities hired by parts before the date of termination will remain in force after the termination of this agreement and it for all aims.

These General terms of Sale and of Use are real in less and until they are cancelled by or to you or not. You can cancel these General terms of Sale and of Use any time by notifying us that you do not like to use our Services any more, or when you cease using our site.

If we judge, in our only discretion, that you fail, or if we suspect that you were unable to conform to the modalities of these General terms of Sale and of Use, we could also cancel this agreement any time without telling you beforehand and you will remain representative for all indebted sums until the date of termination (this one being included), and/or we could refuse you the access to our Services (or in any part of these).


Any breach of our part in financial year or in application of straight or of any disposition of the present General terms of Sale and of Use should not constitute a renunciation of this right or of this disposition.

These General terms of Sale and of Use or quite other politics or rule of working which we publish on this site or in relation to Service constitute the entirety of understanding and of agreement between you and us and govern your use of Service, and replace all communications, proposals and all agreements, previous and contemporary, oral or written, between you and us (including, but not limiting themselves to any previous version of the General terms of Sale and of Use).

Any ambiguity as for the interpretation of these General terms of Sale and of Use should not be interpreted out of favour with the part editor.


These General terms of Sale and of Use, as well as quite other separated agreement by means of which we give you with Services will be governed and interpreted by virtue of laws in force in Stuttgarter Str. 30, Leonberg, BW, 71229, Germany.


You can consult the most recent version of the General terms of Sale and of Use any time on this page.

We reserve the right, in our only discretion, to update, to change or to replace any part of these General terms of Sale and of Use by publishing updates and changes on our site. It is incumbent to you to visit our site regularly to prove if changes were brought. Your uninterrupted use of or your access to our site after the publication of any modification brought in these General terms of Sale and of Use constitutes an acceptance of these modifications.


Questions concerning the General terms of Sale and of Use should be sent to us in